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We are a Denver community for ambitious, heart-centered, and collaborative women entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers who want to increase their income and their impact.

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At Sheer Impact, our mission is to empower you to explore and activate your full potential – in business and in life. We are an inclusive Denver community of aspiring and established women entrepreneurs who convene online and in person for events throughout the year as well as for our signature event  – the Annual Conference – where we load you up with the contacts, community, content and inspiration you need to take your business to the next level and create huge impact for yourself and others.

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Two years ago I left a 25 year career in public education and literally stumbled into becoming an entrepreneur. I knew about my craft, but knew very little about the business world and felt a bit like an imposter. I could only imagine that others in the entrepreneurial world would see me for a fake and dismiss me. However, one of my greatest joys in making this transition has been to discover that there is a strong community of women who not only believe in what they are doing, but also believe in sharing their experiences, building each other up and helping each other find success. Being a part of the conferences, quarterly meetings and other community events led by Rachel and Sheer Impact has brought me into that community. Rachel has crafted groups that provide targeted skill building and facilitated networking with other women who have been through similar journeys to mine. This is an exciting, dynamic community of women who embrace sharing, creatively tackle struggles, and welcome new individuals and ideas. What a blessing!
– Erin G.

Creating that magic combination of education, inspiration, and community is really tough and Sheer Impact nails it. You can feel Rachel’s passion for our community, for our success, and for our growth through the way she creates her events – full of inspiration, community building, and education.
At Sheer Impact events, I know that I’ll see amazing like-minded women with whom I’ve been building deeper relationships with since the last session – made possible by the facilitated small group networking with thoughtful questions and reflections, rather than letting us fend for ourselves or pass business cards to the whole room. The educational content – whether delivered by Rachel or an inspirational woman from our community – is simple yet impactful and immediately actionable. Quite simply, there are so many women entrepreneur events in Denver and Sheer Impact’s are always at the top of my ‘must attend’ list!
– Jane S.
Sheer Impact has been a game changer for me. The conference was a much-needed infusion of energy and support as I launched my business. The power of this community of women, through inspirational stories, skill-building workshops, and authentic networking, has propelled me forward, and I’m grateful to be on this journey with so many like-minded, supportive, and driven women.
– Jess S.
As I build a marketing strategy for my new company, the other women I meet at Sheer Impact events provide valuable knowledge and skills on a variety of business topics and empower me to feel part of a growing community of women leaders.
-Evelyn B
I attended the 2018 conference and was very impressed with the quality of not only the speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders, but also the quality of women attending the conference. I have formed professional relationships with women I am now collaborating with and enjoying getting to know.
– Lisa S.
The Sheer Impact conference, quarterly events, and skill building workshops are infused with relevant, useful, and timely takeaways that have helped me tremendously. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the facilitated networking that feels so much more authentic than the usual business card trade and allows us to know who is in the room and what they have to offer. The Sheer Impact community is full of engaging women who are ready to support each other, learn together, and grow their businesses in phenomenal ways!
– Kari K

I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.

– Isabel Allende

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