Sheer Impact is a Denver-based movement for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers to connect, learn together, and inspire one another. This warm, inviting and diverse community offers quarterly events and an annual conference where women can find their tribe and develop skills to grow and thrive.

Sheer Impact is a place to dream about the future and activate new ideas… a place to be (re)inspired… a place to develop the skills that make it possible to build a successful business (on your terms)… a place to tap into your greatest potential and find a tribe of women who will cheer you on throughout your journey. Our community of women measure success by their level of happiness and fulfillment in life, lead with authenticity, and are inspired by collaboration and connection. 

Meet our Founder

Rachel E. Lubchansky

Sheer Impact is the brainchild of Rachel E. Lubchansky, who is deeply committed to helping women live lives they truly love. As the founder and CEO of RēL Impact (www.relimpact.com) and now Sheer Impact, she empowers women with the tools, resources, and support they need to launch their own business, challenge the status quo, realize their own potential, and discover the freedom and fulfillment of entrepreneurship.

Rachel’s big why is to make an impact at home and in the lives of people who want more for themselves and each other. She believes that when we intentionally craft our lives in ways that work FOR us… when we tap into our deepest passions and superpowers… and when we create authentic connections and communities of support… we live and work with more confidence and joy.

Whether on the stage, thought-partnering with a client or business pal, or relishing the beautiful outdoors with her husband, Adam, and beautiful children (9-year-old triplets!!!), Rachel is fueled by the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment of her life, and she is committed to helping other women achieve this as well.